About Us

Welcome to Summit View Designs.

We are so glad you decided to stop in. 

Grab a cup of coffee, and let us tell you a little bit about us, our passion for designing and our commitment to delivering high-quality products designed, produced and packaged in the USA! 

About Us

We are Christina and Emalee, a mother-daugther design duo who launched our e-commerce site in 2020. Emalee had just graduated from high school and started college online (from the living room) and we decided to use some "down time" to launch something together. Emalee has a passion for design (a Mass Communications major with an emphasis in Design attending Black Hill State this fall) and I've been running my freelance marketing business from home for the past 11 years. We knew together we could build something pretty amazing!

We custom design all of the stationery, notebooks and stickers you see on our site. In addition, it was important to us that the final product be printed in the USA too. We only outsource production us U.S. companies and we purchased our own printer to print custom stickers in-house! 

We occasionally bring in some outside products (we love the LippyClips), but we work really hard to only work with small, U.S.-based businesses! 

Our Process

Since we design pretty much everything on our site, there's a lot of work that goes into each product. Here's a quick look at our process -- plus a short video that shows our sticker production. 

Step 1: Concepts & Sketches

We start with developing concepts for new products. This is the easy part of us! We have gazillion ideas and we want to create everything -- but we try to narrow in and stay focused on sticker, stationery and prints! Once we have a product idea we'll start sketching out designs. Sometimes this is pen and paper, sometimes it's the iPad or Illustrator, but we start working on ideas. 

Step 2: Product Development

Once we have something sketched out, we'll start developing the product. This often means digitizing our artwork, creating templates, finding printers, pricing products, etc. The end result is a product ready to put in the store!

Step 3: Promotion & Sales

Once we have product its time to take photographs, develop marketing messages, create a product page, write the e-mails and social media posts and start sharing our products with the world! 

Step 4: Package & Ship

Finally, when you all of your orders come in, we are the ones, packaging your products, writing the thank you notes and shipping the products to your doorstep! 

Whew! No wonder we are so tired! (Remember that "down time" I mentioned?)

Here's what that looks like for our stickers! 

Special Offers

Last, but not least, we want to let you know how you can get Ah-MAZING offers from us! The best way to get in on the best deals is to on our email list! We send out huge discount codes every Monday, exclusive offers every Friday and so much more! 

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